FatCow Website Hosting Review: Why Should You Pick FatCow Over the Others?

FatCow website building for beginners

FatCow is one of the oldest web hosting service provider in the world. It was founded in 1998, and it has grown into a company that offers a full suite of services like WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Apart from hosting, FatCow also offers other services like web management, email provisions, and marketing.

In this FatCow hosting review, we will be looking at the basic hosting plan of FatCow that catapulted it to success, the Original FatCow Plan. This a plan that is best used by individuals who are just starting out their journey in their online business.

The Bells and the Whistles

The FatCow hosting plan starts at $3.15 per month. This may seem a little higher than some competitors who are offering hosting services for as little as $1 a month, but FatCow has a lot of things baked into this package that most hosting providers don’t.

Easy WordPress Installation with FatCow
  • Domain and Set-Up – At this price, the domain name and set-up fees are free for the first year. At the start of the second year, you will be paying an annual subscription fee, which will vary according to the type of domain you chose.
  • Site Tools – Here, you will have access to a website builder, web analytics, and FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a system or software where the contents of your website are stored like pictures, codes, and more.
  • Marketing – After building your website, you will get a $100 bonus on Google ads and Bing. You will also receive a free website grader service for Hubspot.
  • Email – Part of the plans is to provide you with your own email address that has your domain name. This email service offers unlimited email addresses and a newsletter management tool which allows you to send mass emails to market your website.
  • Integration – FatCow offers you the capability to integrate its hosting services to your own website provider.

For example, you may already have a website on WordPress or Joomla, but you want a different web hosting provider. This is possible, and you just have to toggle this in the settings.

  • Support – FatCow offers 24×7 customer support. You can ask the team members for help via phone call or chat. The site is also packed with helpful tutorials and FAQ pages that can help you troubleshoot issues on your own.

FatCow Hosting Review of Performance

FatCow hosting review banner

The average uptime of FatCow is 99.82%. While this may seem high, many experts agree that this is fairly low.

Speed can also become a problem, as FatCow has a loading time of 1,240 milliseconds. The industry average for loading time is 890 milliseconds.

Should this deter you from getting the service?

The answer is no. If you are just starting out, speed is not really a huge concern, considering that you are still in the process of building traffic. Besides, the speed difference is negligible, as this translates to only about one second of loading time per click.


FatCow hosting services are best used by people who are new to the online world. For a small amount of money, you can build a functional website, and there are tons of information that you can learn—things that you can apply later on as you grow your business.

FatCow web hosting service special features

The slot speed should not stop you from getting the service, as FatCow also offers a myriad of other services to give you better performance. As always, you only get what you pay for, and a compromise has to be made.

The $3.15 value is absolutely worth it because you are not just getting a hosting service, but also a website, email hosting, and integration.

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