Gmail for Business: Why Not Use a Free Email?

Gmail for business use
Gmail for business: Why not just use a free email account

Gmail has been around for decades. Before the age of the Android platform, many people used AOL and Yahoo!

But today, most people use Gmail so they can easily access Google Play, and not just because it is free, but also because it has a lot to bring to the table than most email service providers.

Today, we will find out why you should use Gmail for Business instead of other email services.

Custom Domain

Custom domain name with gmail for business

If you use free emails like Yahoo!, your email addresses will end up with This does not sound professional, and it will seem like you are not a legitimate business.

With Gmail for Business, you can customize your domain name, and reflect the actual name of your company. People who receive your emails will know that you are real and that you are a registered company.

With a domain name, you can match your email address domain with your company’s legal name, and it will help improve your company’s credibility.

Work Seamlessly

Work easy with gmail business

Gmail for Business works in the cloud. What this means is that you no longer have to buy your own servers and hard drives to store email data.

The employees can also access their emails from multiple devices, so there is no need for you to use a company smartphone since they can use their personal phone to access their business Gmail account from their personal Gmail account.

They can do this on the app, and they can switch between different emails.

Added Features for Connectivity

There are times when emailing back and forth will not cut it. You just have to chat or do a conference video call.

Most email providers cannot do this, as they do not have an integrated app for video calls or app. With Gmail, all you need to do is to click or tap an icon, and the chat app will launch.

Gmail for business added features for connectivity

You can do a video call or just chat the other person for faster and easier collaboration. The app used for this is called Hangouts, and this must be installed on the mobile device, or there has to be a Chrome extension on the employee’s computer.

Easy Migration and Reliable Up-Time

Easy migration with gmail for business

If you have been operating your business for a while, you surely have a lot of stored emails, and you do not want them to get lost.

Gmail for Business allows you to migrate all of that into the system. You can migrate files from Outlook, Lotus, and other email


Reliability and up-time

Google also guarantees 99.9% uptime. What this means is that the email servers and all functionalities will work if you need them.

Some email providers cannot keep up with the bandwidth requirement of their users. As a result, the emails have a severe lag time, or they are not accessible at all.

Other Benefits

Other great benefits from gmail for business

There are many more features and benefits, as shown below:

• Email recovery
• Anti-spam filters
• Email retention
• Aliases for members
• Data loss protection
• Unlimited storage capacity
• Preview attachment

And there is so much more.

Pricing and Plans

What is the pricing and plans

There are three plans for Gmail for Business, and these are called Basic, Business, and Enterprise. If you subscribe to these, you are not just getting the Gmail application from Google, but you are paying for an entire suite of apps called G Suite.

G Suite prices are:

Business Starter – pay $6 per person per month
Business Standard – pay $12 per person per month
Business Plus – pay $18 per person per month

All plans come with Gmail, Docs, Slides, Drive, and others. The main differences between the plans have to do with administrative features, data retention, archiving, and app development environment.


Summary of gmail for business

All in all, Gmail for business is not just an email service. It is designed to make communication and collaboration within your office as flawless as possible.