What is G Suite and is it Worth it?

G Suite service
What is G Suite google

Google is not just a search engine, mobile platform, or an advertising company; it is also a business solutions expert that can rival Microsoft.

Its key product for business enterprises is called G Suite, a system that focuses on data security, storage, connectivity, creation, and collaboration.

Here, we will discuss what G Suite is and how much it costs.


This is the part of the suite that provides different business methods on how the employees can communicate. This includes Gmail by which you can use your own domain name or company name, calendar sharing, video and chat app, and current events.

Business apps how employees can communicate and get connected

These connection apps can be set to private, and the administrators must issue a permission to the employees and block others from accessing and communicating via these platforms if they are not part of your company.

The shared calendar provides the same view to different employees so they can see different deadlines, and who is accountable for a project, while the video and chat functions can only be joined by company members.


The G Suite system allows you and your employees to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These applications are saved and run on the cloud, and they function like Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

G Suite create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

These apps can be shared so different people can edit them simultaneously, and they can also be accessed offline if the internet is down. The saved files can be uploaded later on.

Google also offers an app environment where developers can code and create apps for the company to make its processes seamless.

You can also create online forms that your employees can fill out, especially if you are a company that gathers data all the time. These forms are saved, and you can extract data from them in the form of a spreadsheet.

In this feature, you will also have access to Jam and Keep, a virtual whiteboard and an idea panel where your employees can add their inputs on how to improve your business.


G Suite operates in the google cloud

G Suite operates on the cloud. All files are stored on Google’s servers, and this means that employees can access files and data from anywhere in the world. They can also access them via mobile phones and tablets.

You do not need to install any software to access the apps.

The storage capacity that you can get is 30 GB, but you can expand this to unlimited plans or at least 1 TB of data storage per employee if you subscribe to a higher plan tier.

Control and Security

Control and security with g suite business

This is the area for the administrator. If you own the business, you can restrict people’s access, create permissions, and toggle the security and data settings of G Suite.

You can set a data retention policy if you want to. So if you set it to six months, all files older than that will be deleted or archived, depending on the choice you made.


G Suite comes in three main plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

The prices of these plans are set per user. The tiers are $6, $12, and $18. These plans do not all come with the same functionalities.

Pricing G Suite comes in three main plans Basic, Business, and Enterprise

In the basic plan, you can only get the connectivity apps, but you do not have the capacity to create your own apps. The storage is also limited to 30 GB per user, and this is only great for small companies that have a maximum of ten employees.

If you are looking for better features, you need to get either the Business or Enterprise solutions where you can get unlimited data storage, and you can also control the security systems and archive policies of your company’s documents.


You can save a ton of money from IT infrastructure with g suite

G Suite is a flexible platform that is great for creative and collaborative efforts. The main benefit of using this is that you no longer need hard drives. You can save a ton of money from IT infrastructure, and you do not need to purchase a license per software per individual.