Namecheap Hosting: What Are the Costs and Benefits?

Hosting is just one of the myriad of services that you get from Namecheap. Although the company name is leaning towards domains, it has expanded into a complete suite of hosting services, with several packages to choose.

Buy a domain and create your website with Namecheap

Here, we will take a look at the different hosting services available at Namecheap and help you decide which one to get according to your business needs.

Shared Hosting at $1.16 per Month

Shared hosting refers to a service where you and other websites share servers. This is a great hosting plan only if you are maintaining a small website, such as a landing page, a blog, or that of an e-commerce store that is not expecting a heavy volume of traffic.

Namecheap shared hosting plans

A low volume of traffic is between 10,000 and 100,000 a month. If you get this plan, you will have access to your own cPanel, which is the control panel where you load and edit your website content and plugins.

Namecheap offers this at an unmetered bandwidth, which means there is no limit to the number of site visitors you can have. Most hosting services have a cap on the number of site visitors, so no one can access your site anymore if you met that cap.

The Shared Hosting Plan comes in three tiers. The first one, called Stellar, gives you 20 GB of storage and you can build up to three websites. The other two, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business, have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, auto backups, and up to 50 GB of SSD storage.

Reseller Hosting at $19.88 per Month

This is a plan for people who want to launch their own hosting services. Basically, you will be a web hosting service provider, but you are also buying this service from Namecheap.

Namecheap reseller hosting plans

In it, you can choose from three tiers called the Nebula, Galaxy Expert, and Universe Pro. You will pay between $19.88 and $54.88 annually, and you can sell the following services:

• Between 25 and unlimited sold accounts
• 30 GB to 150 GB of disk space
• Unmetered bandwidth
• cPanel for your customers

The last plan, which is the most expensive, also includes a billing system that automates charging your customers automatically as their hosting services get renewed.

VPS Hosting at $11.88 $7.88 per Month

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The internet is really nothing more than interconnected servers. A server is a physical machine, like a hard disk, that stores information and communicates with other servers to execute online processes.

VPS hosting plans at Namecheap

With a VPS, it is like as if you have your own server, but it is shared. The benefit here is that you are not sharing this with hundreds of people, so you can get faster and more reliable service.

This comes in two packages, the Pulsar and the Quasar. The first costs $7.88 per month and the other is $13.88 per month.

With Pulsar, you get 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB of storage, and 1,000 G of bandwidth per month. With Quasar, you get 4 CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 120 GB of storage, and 3,000 GB of bandwidth.

A VPS server is ideal for medium to large businesses expecting heavy traffic, and where you keep a lot of data like videos and images.

Dedicated Server Hosting at $48.88 per Month

Namecheap dedicated servers hosting plans

This is similar to a VPS, but you have your own physical server. You do not share it with anyone, and you will enjoy the full power of the processors of these servers.

The price varies between $48.88 and $159.88 per month, and you can get different types of servers that have various capacities in terms of storage, RAM, processor speed, and bandwidth.


Namecheap is a web host that also offers email hosting services that start off at $10.10 per year, which is great if you want a professional website and an email that bears your domain name.

Web hosting at Namecheap

Choose a plan that you can afford, and that is practical for your business needs today, and then upgrade later on when you are ready to get all the bells and whistles for your online business.

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