Bluehost vs Hostgator Reviews

Bluehost vs Hostgator Reviews
Bluehost vs HostGator web hosting reviews 2020

Bluehost vs Hostgator, who offers the best web hosting service. Finding out is very important for your business in the long run. With so many hosting providers available in the industry, people often get confused and forget to choose the better web hosting provider that will offer the most value for their business.

The main criterion before choosing your web hosting plan is to check if the chosen package will address your business needs. Some of the web hosting providers will offer good online support, while some will offer better up-time and security.

Also if you are looking to launch a website with adult content, Bluehost will not host your website. However, Hostgator has no problem hosting websites with adult content.

This is very important information for some business owners and individuals trying to save time and money.

Both Well-Known Service Host

Well known web hosting service host

Bluehost vs Hostgator service host are two reputed and well-known web hosting brands providing quality web hosting services. Both of these service host offer great features to the user, making it difficult to choose one.

It will be interesting for you to know that both service host belong to the Endurance International Group (EIG), which includes over 65 other web hosting companies.

So are you looking to start a blog or a website and finding it difficult to choose between the two?

To give an insight and help you decide which hosting company is best for you; I have compared the pros and cons of both web hosting providers based on:

  • Performance
  • Speed and Up-time
  • Features and Pricing
  • Security
  • Response Time
  • Customer Support

Web Hosting Leaders

Cheap web hosting leaders

Both of these web hosting service providers are leaders in offering great performance to their users. It’s the performance that makes Bluehost vs Hostgator apart from all other hosting providers.

Websites with Hostgator are hosted in Dallas, TX using Dual Xeon servers. They have a great security network with multiple layers and state-of-the-art data center along with backup facilities. They both provide around the clock backup facilities to ensure that you consistently get a fast speed connection along with maximum security.

CPU Usage

Web hosting CPU usage

On the other hand, Bluehost utilizes CPU Segregation Technology that can control the CPU and secure your website from spammers and bad users. Both the companies offer good performance to the user and thus, both have an edge over other hosting providers.


It is very annoying for the user if your website is down because of your low quality hosting provider. It can have a negative impact, losing a number of visitors to your site everyday. If the up-time of your hosting provider is less than 99%, then your website will face downtime of around 14 minutes everyday. If this happens regularly, you will lose a lot of revenue per year. So, it is wise to choose a higher quality web hosting provider that guarantees better up-time and reliability.


Fast speed servers

Both Bluehost and Hostgator give more importance to speed and up-time as these are the two most important features that the end user will appreciate. Bluehost vs Hostgator guarantee an up-time of 99.99% and in the last few years, the downtime issues faced by users was negligible.


Bluehost vs Hostgator VPS Web Hosting Plans
Bluehost vs Hostgator VPS Web Hosting Plans

Both the hosting providers offer great features at affordable prices. They offer Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated Hosting to their customers. If you compare the updated prices of both, you will see that the price of Hostgator is a little lower than Bluehost. First-year discounts are prevalent in both and if you buy a 3-year subscription, you can save even more.

Bluehost vs Hostgator Dedicated Web Hosting Plans
Bluehost vs Hostgator Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

The Best Web Hosting Plans

The basic web hosting plan in Bluehost starts at $3.95 a month, which is for shared hosting. In this, you get unmetered bandwidth and 100 MB per email account storage. The basic web hosting plan at Hostgator starts at $2.75 a month, which is for shared hosting. It also boasts of various features like unmetered bandwidth and disk storage.

Bluehost vs Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Plans
Bluehost vs Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Plans

All the web hosting plans come with cPanel Access, standard performance, and great customer support. You can refer to the tables given above for an insight into their best web hosting plans.

Customer Support

Best web hosting customer support team

This is one of the most important criteria that will help you decide your web hosting provider. Often you will need the support from your host and they should ensure that all your queries and issues are resolved in a quick and professional manner. The customer care executives should be responsive, responsible, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Both the companies provide great and efficient customer support and it makes it difficult to choose between the two.

Bluehost support can be contacted in many ways for any number of queries. You can contact them via dedicated toll-free numbers for issues ranging from tech support to sales and web hosting. There is also an option for live chat, where the response is instant. Support is available 24/7 for the convenience of the customer.

You can get in touch with Hostgator support in various ways from support panel. Also you can have a Live Chat with personnel, which has a quick response time. Active forums are also available where other members answer your queries. Although the response time varies.

Both web hosts have excellent customer support and resolve issues very quickly. So, whichever hosting provider you choose, there will be no difference in the customer support as both are very responsive and professional in terms of web host support.

Tough Decision Choosing The Best Service Host

Tough decision choosing the best web hosting service

It is hard to choose between Hostgator and Bluehost as both web hosting providers have an edge over each other in different areas. In terms of pricing, Hostgator has an edge over Bluehost in Shared and Cloud Web Hosting. Even in terms of performance, Hostgator beats Bluehost and thus, you can expect a great performance and stability from Hostgator. In my opinion, Hostgator is the clear winner because of various reasons. They are,

  • Simple UI
  • Very functional and have a simple control panel
  • 99.9% up-time guarantee
  • Responsive and efficient customer support 24/7/365
  • Better load time and response time

Who offers the best web hosting service, Bluehost or Hostgator?

Hostgator Offers A 45-Day Money-back Guarantee

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Bluehost Offers A 30-Day Hosting Money-back Guarantee

Bluehost Web Hosting Service Highlights

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