Namecheap: What is it and What Services Can You Expect?

Domain name search with Namecheap

Namecheap is primarily a domain registrar, but it has expanded to more services that can cater to your online and web building needs.

Founded in 2000, it offers a myriad of services such as hosting, new domains, TLD domains, domain transfer, plus WordPress support and integration.

Here, we will be taking a look at the services that you can get from Namecheap and help you decide if this is a good investment.


There are many services that you can enjoy from this area. These are:

Search – this is a functionality that allows you to search whether the domain name you want is still available or if it is for sale.

The benefit it does for you is that you can search for a domain name first before you even register your business name to ensure there is uniformity between the two.

Things to know when doing a domain name search

Transfer – If you already have a domain name, but you are not satisfied with the service, you can transfer your domain name here. Namecheap will be accountable for the hosting and maintenance of this domain.

New TLDs – There was a time when all domains just end with .COM, .NET, and .ORG. Today, there are many others like .ACCOUNTANT, .BIKE, and so much more. These are called Top Level Domains, and you can buy them from Namecheap.

Marketplace – This is the area where you can buy and sell domain names. A domain name is like real estate. There is only one person who can possible own and use a unique domain name.

This creates a demand for those who want to use a particular name, so they have to pay a higher price. There are many businesses that buy and sell domain names, and they make a huge profit off it.

Whois Lookup – In this feature, you can find out who owns a particular domain name. This is beneficial if you want to use one, but it is already owned by another person. You can contact that person, or Namecheap can do it for you, so you can haggle for a price and own that domain name.

Website Hosting

Namecheap does not only sell and maintain domain names, but they also host websites. You can choose from several types, and this decision will depend on the size of your expected traffic.

Namecheap web hosting service

Shared – Great for beginners or those who do not expect huge traffic.
WordPress – Dedicated to those who use WordPress as their site builder.
VPS – A virtual private server where you do not have your own hardware. The servers are shared between you and other enterprise accounts.
Dedicated – The servers work only for you, and you will enjoy faster bandwidth and better uptime.

Namecheap also offers several other services in hosting such as clearance servers, migration, website builder, and email hosting services.


Namecheap has some security features that you can buy separately or with the other packages.

An example of this is the SSL Certificate, which shows your site visitors that your website is encrypted. This adds credibility to your website and makes it safe to give out personal information such as their email addresses.

Why choose Namecheap for security

You can also get Premium DNS, which you can get for as low as $5 per year. DNS is like a directory of the internet.

This makes it easy for devices to find internet addresses. With this premium service, you can rest assured that people will find your domain name easier, and not get errors like “this website cannot be found”.


Reliable web hosting company namecheap

Namecheap is an all-in-one web services provider as far as website hosting and domains are concerned. What’s great about it is that you can transfer your existing domains and website files to them, making your website sit on one reliable host.

Why Do You Need Google Domain Hosting Services?

Google domains hosting with g suite

Anybody who uses the internet knows Google, but most people only think of this online giant as a search engine and an advertisement platform. What many do not realize is that Google is also a domain host.

Google domain hosting service

A domain is an address by which your website is accessed. So, if you are ABC Company, you can use WWW.ABC COMPANY.COM as your URL, and ABC COMPANY is your domain name.

You can find many free domain names, but if you want one that is really unique—something that truly represents your brand—you need to purchase it.

And this is where Google comes in. Here, we will take a look at what Google has to offer, and weigh the pros and cons of Google Domain Hosting services.

Types of Domains Hosted

Google supports different domain endings, such as .COM, .ORG, and many more. These types of domain endings are called top-level domain or TLD.

Types of domains hosted at Google domain hosting

They are much more expensive because they are in demand. They are also much preferred because they sound more credible, as opposed to using domains that end in .IR, .PH, and others.

If you did not know it yet, you could end your domain name with other less-known, but more appropriate, endings relevant to your business.

Some examples are .BIKE, .ACCOUNTANTS, .APARTMENTS, and so much more. If you are going to use these types of domains, you should expect to pay a huge sum. The domain ending .APARTMENTS, for example, costs $60 per year.

Package Contents

So, if you buy a domain name from Google Domain Hosting, what services will you get?

Google domain registration

It is not only the domain that you are paying for. Should you decide to use Google as your host, you will get the following services, too:

  • Privacy – this is crucial. Many domain hosts do not keep your personal information private. What this means is that if you register ABC Company as your domain, people will find out who bought it, and where you live.

With Google, you can select this as part of the package and Google will never share your private information.

  • Web Integration – Google makes it easy to integrate your domain name to your website. This is a great feature if you already have a web site, but you want Google to host your website address.

What this means is that whenever somebody types your website name on the URL, Google will re-direct your site visitor to your existing website.

Google supports WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and many others.

  • Customizable Sub-Domains – with Google Domain Hosting, you can create up to 100 sub-domains to make your pages unique. If your domain is ABCCOMPANY.COM, you can create sub-domains like or

Google is a reliable host. It is the most significant internet infrastructure in the world and you can rely on the speed and accuracy of its hosting services.

Pricing Matrix

Google domain pricing matrix

The prices of Google Domain Hosting vary widely. The least amount you will pay is $11. Some domains cost $120, such as .CREDIT and .ENERGY.

All of these have to be renewed yearly, or your domain will not work anymore.


Google is not a website builder, and this is important for you to know. Most web builders offer both the free and paid domains.

The only good reason to use Google Domain Hosting is if you are really determined to keep that name for a long time.

If you buy your domain from a website builder, you have to pay for both services. If you do not like how the website performs, you will go through technical challenges of shutting down the website but still maintain the domain, considering that your host is just one company.

But with Google, you can drop the old website anytime you want, and then just tell Google to route your visitors to a new website.

“ad” You can utilize google domain hosting services and G Suite simultaneously.