Google Suite Pricing: What are the Differences Between the Packages?

Google suite pricing is fair
What are the differences between the g suite packages

G Suite is a business package that includes several products from the Internet Giant like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and so much more. It is mainly used by companies, so all their files and activities are integrated into one system. Most importantly, their records are safe and kept in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.

But how much does it cost, and does your business need it? Here, we will answer these questions and help you decide.

Business Starter Plan at $6 per User per Month

This is the plan that has the lowest cost of all. It allows you to provide your employees with all the necessary services they need, but there is little you can do in terms of security control and data protection.

Basic six dollar google suite plan

This is the best plan if you only have three to ten employees. Below are the services you can enjoy:

Connection – In this plan, all your employees will have access to Gmail with your own domain name. You can also use the chat and video conferencing function of Google voice, and it comes with a secure chant environment where only your company members can be added.

This plan includes shared calendars, so your employees have one repository of activities, along with their deadlines.

Creation and Collaboration – Here, the employees can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. They have the option to share the document with others if it is a collaborative work, or they can keep the access to themselves and only share the final output for viewing.

This plan can only provide you 30 GB of cloud storage. The employees can access all their files and data from their mobile phone anywhere in the world, and they do not have to rely on physical hard drives to share company information with each other.

You will also enjoy 24/7 support from Google via phone, email, and other online means like chat. In addition, one person can have administrator access to add permissions or revoke them.

Business Standard Plan at $12 per User per Month

In this plan, you will get all the benefits of the Basic Plan plus some other features that will help you manage your business better. This plan is great if you have between 10 and 30 employees, and most especially so if you need these employees to code.

Business plan pricing per user per month

Here are the other benefits for this plan:

App Development – Google allows your employees to have access to a coding environment, but this is only for low-code activities. It is an app maker, but you cannot use it to create high-end games.

The app developer environment allows you to create apps that will make your business functions and processes seamless.

Storage – the storage for this plan is unlimited, but each user will only have a maximum of 1 TB of storage if you subscribe to less than five users.

Lastly, the plan gives you better control over your data security, as you can archive files and set retention policies for your email content and chat messages.

Business Plus Plan at $18 per User per Month

Avail this plan if you have more than 50 employees. This works great also if data integrity is crucial for your business.

Enterprise plan cost

Here, you will get all the benefits of the first two plans, but you can also enjoy the benefits of data loss prevention. What this means is that if somebody accidentally deletes a critical file, you can still retrieve it.

This plan also allows you to create security keys for each app or employee, and then you will have transparency on who is accessing what app or file.


Google suite pricing summary

Google Suite is a great alternative for your business in terms of connectivity, documentation, collaboration, and app development. Since all the data is in the cloud, you do not have to invest too much on technological infrastructure.